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Horse Riding Lessons

Accepting New Clients in October, 2016.

2016 Calendar

If you have never ridden a horse before or would like to learn more about horses and advance your horsemanship skills, we are here to help! We can help you with your own horse or use one of ours. We have several excellent lesson horses. Please read about them on our “The Horses” link on the left hand side of this page. We'll match you to the horse that matches your ability so that you can be confident with horses. Our goal is to help you achieve better communication and ride more fluidly with the horse, whether you prefer English or Western riding. Click the following link to learn about our horsemanship skill levels: Horsemanship Levels

Beginner Riding Lessons:

Learn to safely and confidently lead, tie, groom, and tack up your horse prior to learning to how to ride. Doing this from the ground, such as grooming, helps you gain confidence and build a bond with the horse. You will learn basic skills about how to steer the horse with the reins and your legs using leg pressure. Learn about horses in a fun, safe, and relaxed environment with a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains for an even better equine experience. Contact us today to discuss your needs and desires! We look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge about horses with you.

Private Lessons for ages 4 and up are $45 per hour.
Also offered are 1.5 hour lessons for $65.

Intermediate to Advanced Riding Lessons:

If you will be using one of our lesson horses, you will be expected to catch, groom, and tack up the horse Lessons are catered to your needs and desires based on your current knowledge and ability to best help you advance your skills. Learn to make smoother transitions between gaits; post and sit to the trot; cue effectively for the canter in both directions, and improve your balance. Learn to communicate better with the horse by using your aids effectively. Your aids include your energy, your seat, your legs, your core stomach muscles, your eyes, and the reins. Learn to move the horses head, shoulders, hindquarters, ribs, and legs separately, and together, as you progress to more advanced movements such as collection, shoulders-in, half-pass, rollbacks, pivots, lead changes, and more. Learn to be balanced and relaxed through your body while riding a soft, supple, and willing horse. We would be happy to travel your location for a small additional travel fee. Contact us today to discuss your goals!

Private Lessons for ages 8 and up are $45 per hour.
Also offered are 1.5hour lessons for $65.

Semi-Private or Group Lessons:

Bring a friend or two for riding lessons to learn and encourage each other in a group. Lessons are based on the general knowledge of the group so that each student can still advance their skill while enjoying the company of others. Start in the arena to improve your riding ability and then enjoy a relaxing trail ride on the plains within the property. We can accommodate up to four riders with our horses. Haul-in's welcome.

Semi-Private and Group Lessons for ages 8 and up are $30 per person per hour.

GROUNDWORK: Trust and Leadership is establish from the ground through a series of exercises and games.
Groundwork Sessions: $60 per session per person or $160 for 4 sessions.

**Sessions are every Wednesday @ 4-6pm starting October 5th, 2016.
**Friday sessions @ 10am-12pm. starting October 7th, 2016.
**Contact us to reserve your spot. Come once or come weekly!

Our groundwork sessions are offered weekly to help improve your understanding of horse behavior, create a calmer and more trusting horse, as well as improve your horsemanship from the ground. We use roundpen training as well as lunge-line training to create a more confident and trusting equine partner. We cover topics such as de-spooking, backing, speed control, tight circles, figure 8's, tear-drops, and so much more. We can work with yearlings that need a gentle start into their working career, green horses ready to be started under saddle, older horses needing a safe workout routine, or horses or people that are bored with their current routine.

  • Learn the horses body language
  • Teach your horse to "Come" when called.
  • Teach your horse to stand perfectly still while you chat with friends or go play with your dog.
  • Get your horse to circle you without any ropes attached.
  • Get rid of bad habbits such as pawing, biting, pushiness, pulling away, head tossing and much more
  • Teach your horse to pick up your hat so you don't have to bend down.
  • Teach your horse to "Heel" like you do your dog, without a rope attached.
  • So, does groundwork sound fun yet?

  • Lessons start with proper handling of the lead-rope, positioning your body for effective cueing, and learning to “read” the horse; what he needs; what he wants and why he does what he does. Learn how to effectively use your equipment and body language to cue the horse. Learn how to move different parts of the horse’s body from the ground such as his head, neck, shoulders, and hindquarters. Learn how to correctly lunge a horse without being dull or boring to your horse. Progress will be made so that there is very little pressure on the lead-line as you guide the horse through a set of circles, turns, and even obstacles. Eventually you will be off the lead-line and testing your skills at liberty!

    See "Package Deals" Page for discounts for private, family, or group Lessons!

    Recommended Apparel includes:
    • Boots with a heel
    • Long pants such as breeches, leggings, or knit type pants for English style riding and jeans for Western style riding.
    • Gloves such as good fitting driving gloves, leather gloves, or other gloves that are non-slick, so that the reins do not slip through your hands.
    • Sun screen

    Winter Apparel:
    • A lightweight hat to wear underneath your helmet
    • Glove warmers or thin gloves to wear underneath your thicker gloves, but no mittens please.
    • Winter socks or double layer socks
    • Close fitting jacket or vest.
    • Long underwear
    • Layering is very beneficial!


      • Must pre-purchase package deals.
      • ALL Packages expire 6 weeks after purchase date.
      • To reschedule lessons, please notify us 48 hours in advance.
      • Cancelation within 24 of scheduled lesson results in a $20 cancelation fee. This applies for private, group, or packaged lessons.
      • Failure to notify us of your absence for any appointment results in $20 cancelation fee.
      • During camp, we keep our student to instructor ratio small to ensure each student gets plenty of personalized instruction.
      • Summer camp dates are subject to change.
      • Rescheduling of camps must be done 7 days prior to the start of camp and only if there is available space in another camp - otherwise receive refund of half of total camp fee.
      • Deposits for camp are required 14 days prior to the start of camp.